Customer Relationship Management

Ageru CRM module is designed to assist you to better understand and connect with your customers. Manage relationships with your customers, helps your sales professionals to perform better and grow your business with Ageru CRM.

How our CRM system works

Ageru CRM module helps business managers and sales executives to keep a record and track their potential customers and collect vital data at a centralized place. CRM in Ageru can be described as a string of process that begin with the recognition of a Lead (Lead Management), which could be a future sales opportunity. This lead then is passes various sales stages like SQL (sales qualified lead) Prospect, Opportunity, Demo, Quotation, Negotiation and Won. Explore more, contact us for a Demo.   

Benefits of using CRM

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Establish and manage relationship with your customers by centralizing, optimizing and streamlining your communication.

Better Customer

Nurture and follow-up your leads. Manage, track and communicate with existing customers, the success rate with existing customer is hiring then a new prospect.

Customer Relationships
A Business Priority

Handle customer information securely and efficiently in accordance with EU privacy law and a GDPR-compliant regulations.

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Founded in 2021, Ageru is a product of the BNR-Quality. Ageru provides a suit of integrated applications, a solution for all type of businesses and companies. 


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