Quality Management


Ageru QMS module is designed to ensure that your products and services meet customers requirements and regulations by taking a preventive approach to identify risks and mitigate them.

How our QMS system works

Ageru QMS is perfect tool for organisations that are looking beyond quality, audit and risk, it assists you to plan and implement your company’s core business areas, such as production, development and service. Ageru QMS system allows you to document every phase of the project, create and maintain approval records, and register time records. 

Benefits of using QMS

Planning & Control

Planning, implementing and controlling processes to design and deliver better quality products and services.

Performance Evaluation

Improve internal communication between the departments and teams. Monitor, measure, analyze and assess the work to make evidence based decision. 

Customer Satisfaction

Fulfil customer requirements with consistent workflow, correct documentation and regular validation, thereby enhances customer loyalty.

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